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“The feeling of careening through the wetlands among the birds and the buffalo is nothing short of euphoric and every creature seems Complicit in a work of sublime choreography.”

Imogen Eveson

The wildlife on show at Bamurru Plains is some of the most impressive in Australia.

Bamurru has over 300 square kilometres of private concession to be explored by just a few lucky guests. So large is the property that there are four distinct habitats: Floodplains and wetlands full of magpie geese and big crocs; melaleuca forests and savannah woodlands where you might bump into brumbies, buffalo, dingos and wallabies; and a riverine environment where the silver flashes of fish or sunbathing crocs will catch your eye as you cruise slowly by.



Your all-inclusive stay with us is fully guided and hosted.

Our expert field guides are the key to unlocking Bamurru’s wild secrets.

Enjoy twice-daily guided wilderness safaris shared with other guests. These may include airboat safaris, quad bike adventures, open-top safari drives, crocodile spotting river cruises and guided wilderness walks.

Much like being on safari in Africa, guided activities cannot be guaranteed in advance, and a varied activity program will be curated and communicated with you when you arrive, according to local conditions and optimising wildlife viewing opportunities.

Private touring is available at Bamurru upon request, subject to availability at time of booking.
Per group (up to 8 guests):  Half-day – $700 | Full-day – $1,200


Bamurru’s signature experience is a thrilling ride across the floodplains by airboat. This wildlife-packed journey takes you from wide open grasslands to a lagoon surrounded by peeling paper bark trees. Feel the rush as you skim the surface at speed then float in silence listening to the sound of nothing but the bush. 
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The Mary River catchment is home to some 236 species of bird, many of which are found at Bamurru Plains. The significance of this particular property comes in the variety of habitat: black soil floodplains, paperbark swamps, savannah woodland, river mangroves and coastal beaches support an extraordinary diversity of birdlife.
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Raised six metres above the ground in the tree canopy overlooking the Mary River floodplain, The Hide is the ultimate eyrie from which birdlife and other wildlife can be observed undisturbed in their natural habitat. The Hide gives guests a unique perspective on this fragile environment.
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Our relaxing river cruise takes you for a meander along the Sampan Creek, home to countless crocodiles and even more birds. This riverine habitat showcases different scenery and wildlife to elsewhere on the property, with mangroves lining the banks of the creek and the occasional barra leaping out of the water.  
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One of the best ways to see the variety of wildlife that teems here is on an open-top game drive, more akin to an African safari across the savannah. You’re likely to see agile wallabies, estuarine crocodiles, wild horses, buffalos and some of the 236 bird species on the property.
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A guided walking safari at Bamurru is the perfect antidote to a busy life. You’re compelled to slow down and absorb the sights and sounds of the bush, understanding how every element has its place. At this pace, nature has a way of showing you what’s important. 
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Criss-crossing between floodplain savannah, monsoonal forests and dry, open areas dotted with termite mounds alongside buffalo and brumbies, explore Bamurru from the wheel of your own quad bike. 
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While technically not a real activity, some of our guests prefer to do absolutely nothing. The best bit is that the wildlife will come to you.  Watch hundreds of birds take flight from around the infinity-edge pool, see buffalo roam and Agile wallabies hop past your bungalow as you wake to sounds of thousands of Magpie Geese. If all you want to do is switch off, chill out and get away from the hustle and bustle of life then Bamurru is one of the best places in the world to do it.


Using Bamurru Plains as your luxury basecamp, explore a little further with these off-site activities.
Additional charges apply.


Just a short hop by light aircraft or helicopter brings you to the heart of Kakadu.

Rock art galleries reveal stories of Aboriginal people and their ancient culture. Textures of colours, vistas across savannah woodlands and floodplains provide a sense of the spirituality of this ancient landscape.
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In the wet, the Mary River floodplains are full of water and Barra, as are the creeks of the Mary River System which adjoin Bamurru Plains. We can organise private off-site fishing experiences through our fishing partner. 
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Bamurru’s abundance of bird and wildlife, sweeping vistas and stunning sunrises and sunsets offer both the novice and experienced photographers first-class opportunities to take magical photographs.

Our next Photo Safari hosted by Canon Master Richard I’Anson runs in June 2023.  Click here for more details >


Join one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs in June 2023. Distinctive Top End flavours, untamed wilderness and ancient Australian culture come together on this Wild Bush Luxury safari with one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs, Christine Manfield.

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