Home to one of the largest crocodile populations in the world.

River Cruises on the Sampan Creek

“Wild boar, dingoes, wallaroos, agile wallabies, lumbering water buffalo, lurking estuarine crocodiles and more than 236 bird species are all around, and can be viewed from the comfort of the shaded hotel deck, by airboat excursion or from an open-boat cruise up the river”

Hong Kong Tatler Magazine

The Mary River System harbours one of the largest crocodile densities in the world. 

The Sampan Creek, which is part of the Mary River System, forms the western boundary of the station. During the dry season (May-October) the crocodiles will regulate their body temperatures by basking on the banks in the sunlight. During these months, the numbers of crocs sunning themselves will give you an idea of the size of the population. 

It’s not just the crocodiles, many bird species call this mangrove lined environment home. Relax in the shade provided on our canopy covered cruise as you meander along this creek system, learning about these animals from our skilled guides and enjoying sunset canape’s as the light begins to fade.