“An absence of internet, mobile reception and television ensures nature is the star of the show”


Guests come to Bamurru to experience our beautiful wilderness region and its prolific wildlife and birdlife, and we wish for it to remain as is for generations to come. The coastal floodplains and wetlands of the Top End are sensitive habitats and the camp’s presence in their midst must by necessity be low impact and in tune with the surrounding environment. 

Construction of the camp

By virtue of our size (just ten free standing safari bungalows) our impact on the environment is minimal. It was built with a minimal impact on the environment, i.e. the rooms and lodge were constructed amongst the fringing bush on the edge of the floodplains, using the pandanus palms and woodland for natural cover.

Power generation and efficiencies

  • The bulk (approx. 75%) of the camp’s power is generated by the sun through an array of 240 solar panels. This not only ensures a predominately clean source of energy but also allows guests to hear the sounds of the bush at night without the noise of a diesel generator in the background.
  • Our hot water is solar generated.
  • Rooms are not equipped with hairdryers (though one is available on request).
  • Three rooms have air conditioning (for the tropical wet season months) and this is only provided with a surcharge to cover the additional fuel burn required to support it.
  • All rooms are equipped with overhead fans and mesh screen walls which allows the coastal breezes to naturally cool the interiors. Rooms expose guests to the sights and sounds of the surrounding bush with floor to ceiling mesh screens on three sides. 


  • All linen, supplied by EcoDownUnder, is organic cotton and has no chemicals in it.
  • All our laundry detergents are also eco-certified.
  • Sheets are a sand colour and are not bleached to maintain pure whiteness. Their composition means that we are able to hang dry them straight – no ironing required!

Guest Amenities

  • Soaps for guests are produced locally and are chemical free, incorporating native herbs.
  • Guest torches do not have batteries and are recharged with a simple winding lever. 


  • Chemical containers are all reused.
  • Bottles are recycled. 

Drinking water

Our drinking water is filtered from bore water and for activities during the day or in camp, reusable water bottles are provided. We do not buy plastic mineral water bottles.


Wherever possible we have used product that is local to the Top End of Australia in construction and in what is available for guests to purchase in the boutique.


Our prime motivation for what we do is to open the minds of guests who come to stay with us through the activities our guides conduct in the environment.

This comes through the interpretation of the environment, the birdlife, the mammal and reptile life. It also comes through active debate of topical issues in the environment e.g. the role of fire, usage of water, introduced species and their impact on the native flora and fauna and the day to day operation of the camp as an environmentally sensitive facility. 

With a ratio of one guide to every six guests, we engender an environment where everyone can be involved in an interactive wilderness experience, rather than being part of a ‘talking heads’ show.


We make a donation to Australia’s leading non-government conservation organisation, the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, for every guest that we bring into camp.

We are proud supporters of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and will talk about the great work that they do as part of our guided activities. If you would like to learn more about their work across Australia, you can subscribe to their bulletin by clicking here.

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