Banggerreng - The Green Season

Witness electric storms during March and April

If you like to pretend you’re in a National Geographic magazine with spectacular cloud formations and electric thunderstorms, a rainbow of sunsets and the cycle of rebirth in full swing then you’ll love the magic of the Top End at this time of year.
Traditional owners of nearby Kakadu recognise six different seasons with March being the end of Kudjewk (Monsoon season) and Banggerreng (Knock 'em down) starting around April. We call it The Green Season, or the Run-Off, as the waters of the tropical monsoon recede. It's a terrific time at Bamurru - still quite steamy and humid but the visual spectacular that nature puts on is a photographer's dream.
Check out these photos taken by Canon Master Richard I’Anson during his photography safari in March 2022.


Get in quick for The Green Season from March 1 to April 30th and be one of the first to discover the magic of this time of year. Bamurru used to operate purely as a fishing lodge during the Run Off but due to demand we have extended our season as a luxury lodge.
Apart from steamy tropical temperatures what can you expect? An abundance of water but floodwaters that are receding - Bamurru (Magpie Geese) nesting in the reeds - Spectacular cloud formations and electric storms - Multi-coloured sunsets - Plants fruiting - Animals caring for their young.
It's a fantastic time for photographers as well as birders, with the last chance to see migrating waders and shorebirds before they leave for Siberia to breed. Plus it's great for fishing. We can organise off-site heli or river fishing (at additional cost).

Learn from a Master

If you want to step your photography up a notch then join Canon Master Richard I’Anson on his tenth photography safari to Bamurru in June 2023.

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