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Quad Bike Tours

Criss-crossing between floodplain savannah, monsoonal forests and dry, open areas dotted with termite mounds alongside buffalo and brumbies, explore Bamurru from the wheel of your own quad bike! This leisurely tour will take you to areas inaccessible by our regular 4WD vehicles, while our knowledgeable field guides lead you to some of our favourite secret spots. 


Tuition is provided for all riding guests as well as a full safety briefing before your tour. Please note the official minimum age to ride the quad bikes independently is 15 years. Guides will, however, assess a young person's ability to handle a quad bike on their own before heading out on an excursion. It is at the manager's or guide's discretion as to whether to allow children below 15 years to drive the quad bikes on their own. If the manager or guide feels a person (of any age) is unsuitable to ride a quad bike, it is also at their discretion not to allow a guest to use the quad bikes.