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In the 'Top End' of Australia on the edge of the Mary River floodplains, just a short distance from the coast and the western boundary of Kakadu is Bamurru Plains, a 300 km2 private buffalo pastoral property that accommodates just 20 guests. This Top End region is a place of climatic extremes and the tropical monsoon climate brings spectacular storm skies and an annual cycle of environmental rebirth. 

Guests come to experience a beautiful wilderness region and its prolific wildlife and birdlife.  At night no other lights shine out; the only sound is the deep chorus of the Australian bush - various frog species, barking owls and the occasional dingo.

Surrounded by wetlands and savannah woodlands, Bamurru Plains is often likened to the Okavango Delta of Botswana and the fragile ecosystem remains one of the world's most beautiful wilderness areas with its vast diversity of animals and birds. 

Nearby Kakadu, a region of exceptional natural beauty and unique biodiversity, is one of a few World Heritage listed areas for both its cultural and its natural values. Kakadu National Park is managed jointly by its Aboriginal traditional owners and the Director of National Parks. 

Guests enjoy exclusive access to Bamurru's miles of the Sampan River, coast and Mary River Floodplain system with daily guided wilderness activities such as croc-spotting river cruises, 4WD safaris, wildlife viewing or walking tours. 



The Top End is dominated by a tropical monsoonal weather pattern that results in a number of distinct seasons.

April to July – the early part of the ‘Dry’

Nights can be cool and early morning fogs common. The days are warm, dry and generally cloudless with some spectacular sunsets. From April the water begins to slowly recede from the floodplains.

August to September – late part of the ‘Dry’

Days and nights start to warm up. The retreating waters concentrate in billabongs together with the birdlife which congregates in extraordinary numbers. Many tropical woodland plants flower at this time of year.

October to December – build up to the ‘Wet’

This is a time of increasing humidity and heat, with the build up of massive cumulus clouds and exciting thunder and lightning shows. Early rains start to turn the country green.

January to March – the main part of the ‘Wet’

The arrival of the full monsoon brings heavy rains and high tides. The rivers break their banks and spread out across the floodplains, water lilies flower and life returns to the country in all its majesty. The ‘run off’ is the best time of year for Barramundi fishing. 



Bamurru Plains is just three hours' drive from Darwin, or take a scenic charter flight that only takes 30 minutes, and flies over some of the most spectacular wetlands in the world. Find out how to get to Bamurru Plains.