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Barramundi Fishing at its Best 

The Barramundi is argueably Australia’s most prized sports fish and the Northern Territory’s Top End is by far the best place to target them. In the wet, the Mary River floodplains are full of water and Barra, as are the creeks of the Mary River System which adjoin Bamurru Plains. The highlight for any fisherman at Bamurru however, is fishing out on the floodplains by airboat.

The best time to fish in the Top End is the period known as the ‘run off’ which happens in the early part of the year (generally February to April) as the floodwaters of the wet recede, vast quantities of bait fish, frogs and insects are swept into the main channels. The Barramundi congregate at these run-off locations for what will be their easiest feed of the year, and fishing these waterways at this time of year can produce some excellent catches.

Wild Bush Fishing Safaris operate over these months and during this time Bamurru Plains is transformed into a fishing lodge, the base from which anglers fish each day. The regular operations of Bamurru Plains are much more casual over these fishing months, especially with regards to food which is a much more simple (though no less delicious!) affair. 

Please note that we are committed to the sustainable fishing practice of catch and release.

River Fishing

The rivers, creeks and estuaries of the Top End offer world famous Barramundi fishing and guests of Bamurru Plains will fish with licensed and experienced local guides. Bamurru Plains is uniquely located on the lower reaches of the Sampan Creek with private access to the river. You will have access to Sampan and Tommycut Creeks along with numerous other creeks along the coast targeting the holy grail of Barramundi fishing, the METERY! During this runoff period, Barra up to 140cms long and over 50 pounds in weight congregate in these areas. With our own private jetty on the water, travelling times to these areas are
reduced significantly allowing you more time to fish. 

Airboat Fishing

During the wet season almost 100 square kilometres of the station is covered in water providing the ideal habitat for baitfish to breed in the warm shallow waters of the floodplain. Guests of Bamurru Plains have exclusive access to these floodplains. Our airboat fleet are fitted with casting decks to maximise the experience of fishing the floodplain in spots that are only accessible to camp guests. The plains do not drain fully with the tide so the floodplain is fishable all day long! Experience Barramundi fishing like never before with this exhilarating airboat fishing adventure. 

Fact Sheet
Between 1 February until 30 April 2017, Wild Bush Fishing Safaris operate at Bamurru Plains.  For full details on the fishing packages please refer to our Wild Bush Fishing website, email us or contact us on 1300 790 561. 
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